Monday, October 24, 2011


Sometimes when you are able to do so many things and have been putting yourself out there to cover the slack of others, you are often put in an "expected" situation. I feel this way for me and my two little sisters. We are now kind of successful, but we work like dogs. Oftentime, we are expected to pick up the mess some of our other siblings have made. We don't mind, but to be expected is not fair. We really don't mind, but whenever we say some thing negative but true about these siblings, we get the silent treatment from our parents. But, when we were in our lowest times of our lives, mine specifically, those siblings shied away. My parents knew it but didn't really say any thing about it. How fair is that? Honestly, my sisters and I do not really mind, most of the time. We don't expect to be appreciated. But we do hate that silent treatment.

Tonight is one of those times. It's almost 2am, and I'm catching up on my paperwork, waiting for my parents to come back from their trip to my oldest sister. My brother picked them up at the airport. I don't know what happened, but from the moment she stepped into the house, my mom gave me a little silent treatment. I am exhausted.

For once, I want to be taken care of instead of taking care of others. Maybe for just one day.

"EE-nuff wine-ning!"

"OK, Dear Gay Confucius. I'm going to bed!"



Wow, I feel better already... :)))

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mommy, They All Look the Same!

"Mommy, they all look the same!"

That was the first thing I said to my Mom when I attended my first Sunday mass after my family and I had just arrived to the U.S., when I was a young boy, when I was still innocent.

"Ju? Ju ing-no-sung? Mee A..."

"Dear Confucius, could you be quiet so I can tell my story?"


It was a very small Catholic congregation. The first thing I noticed was that pretty much all the men were bald, not just balding but bald, and had beer bellies. They all looked the same, I thought--White, Bald, Beer-bellied!

"Wy meng, tay awl nook tuh jsame! Awl bew-tee-fule!...Wu-meng lo bew-tee-fule!"

"OK. I know! A lot of bald White men are very attractive."

"Zeem lo bole lown lere!"

"What? He does have balls down there--two!!!"

"Ju lo ung-ler-steng! Zeem lo BOLE lown lere!!!"

"He's not BALD down there?"


"Of course NOT! How do you know, anyway?!"

Anyway, Jim has been telling me about this Chinese Buffet place that he and his family had frequented. Though this was not his favorite place, there were things that each of his family members liked. So, yesterday, the kids wanted to go there. When I got there, I realized it wasn't a Chinese buffet. The name was Eiko Hibachi--Sushi and Steaks...LOL!!!


"Yes, I know, Dear Confucius--Eiko, Hibachi, Sushi."

Of course, Jim would have known that this was a Japanese buffet if he had paid attention to the name. This brought me to think people of other races often think Asians all look alike, too.

Then, I thought about how a lot of people generalize about different groups of people and criticize them, like: Gays are like this; Bi men are like that; rich people are like this; poor people are like that...on and on.

Afterall, we are supposedly created equal under God...

"Lo! Wee lo ee-cuale! Wu-meng lo helve pee-niz. Meng helve pee-niz--Bew-tee-fule!"

"Yes, my Dear Gay Confucius! God! I can't write anything without you bugging me!"

At the end of the day, I think criticizing about different people with generalizations is just a waste of energy. Get to know them, then do the criticizing. I am in love with a balding White man, afterall.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


"Meow, meow, meow....MEOW!!!"

"Damn these stupid cats. They either have sex and meow all night long or they just meow all night long!"

"Jeah, jstupeed kaatz..."




"JEAH!!! Jstupeed KAATZ!!!"

"Meow, MEOW, MEOW!!!"

Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Throat Hurts

I have lost my voice and sound...

"Ju jsound fung-lee...khe..khe..khe..."

"Stop teasing me, Dear Confucius...My throat hurts, and I'm spitting up gooey stuff."

"Mee tole ju no leep troat!"

"Deep throat what???"

"Ju lo, leep troat wee Zeem!"

"NO! I don't know! I haven't seen Jim for a week..."

"Mei-bee jee-fee-liz aw hairpeez..."