Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mermaids are real

Growing up, I had always been curious about Mermaids and Extraterestrials.  I searched and searched about them.  I spent a lot of time in the library just to read about them.  But, all I found were myths.  However!  Now, with the rich resources of today's internet, I just stumbled into some old documents with very reliable consistencies.  I will share with you information about the Mermaids today. 

In Ancient Japan, actually up until the 19th century when the Ninja practice still existed, Ninja masters took in students.  Each Ninja master would choose one loyal student to accompany him everywhere he went.  He would teach this student everything.  In turn, the student was to obey him in every way, every demand, including sex.  The students were to always assume the bottom position.  When the students grew up and left the masters and became masters themselves, they would then take in their own students.  They then became the tops. 

However, it didn't always happen that way.  Some of the new Masters loved being the bottom so much, they lied about their age and joined other groups as students.  The Association of Ancient Japanese Ninjas later found out, investigated, and stripped off all the Master titles from these Ninja Masters and shipped them all to one of the Polynesian islands where they were to make flower necklaces to sell to the Ancient Greeks and Romans.  When the Ancient Greek and Roman merchant ships sailed by the island, these ninjas would dress up as geishas and lured these sex-deprived men into having sex with them.  They showed these men the art of gay anal sex.  These Greeks and Romans loved it so much that they introduced it to their people when they returned to their homelands.  They called it "bottom-me".  Over time, some high-ranking Greeks with speech problems called it "soddom-me".

The ancient merchants around the world started to frequent this island.  Some unknown artist without much talent drew these ninjas wearing kimonos and passed around.  Through a couple of centuries and bad artists, these kimonos started to look at tails.  People started to call these ninjas as Merchant Maids.  Later, it was shortened as Mer-maids.  Later, King Henry the XI of England took a trip to this island.  It was told that he didn't have a good time, so he sent some of these Mer-maids to Hawaii.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I am happy this morning

It's been a pretty hectic season at the clinic.  We actually lost quite a number of patients due to the lack of providers.  However, we have also gained quite a number of new patients from words of mouth.  They are still lining up in front of the clinic every morning.  I'm not complaining.  I am glad of the stability my clinic has. 

I finally found two PAs that seem very loyal and enjoy working with our patient population.  They are not the smartest PAs, but they work as a team and, most important of all, know the limit of what they know, just like we (my sister and I) do.  I am very afraid of providers who think they know too much.  Another good news is that I will have another, potentially good, PA coming this March.  The waiting time for my patients would be tremendously less.  This will cost me tons of money, but the stress would be less for everyone.  I already hired another regular staff in preparation of his coming here.  This is because the more providers I have, the more interpreters I will need.  More expenses...

I am very happy because I will have more time to spend with Jim.  I think about that all the time.  Pretty much every day now, I am exhausted with being overworked.  Emotionally, I am content.  Physically, I am not.  To think about it, I am still OK physically, it's just that I have so many things to do with very little time.  I want to enjoy life now and in the future.  Getting toward that goal, I have to prepare and build up to it.

At home, I just kind of finished the koi pond in the front yard.  Actually, I didn't do it.  I just designed and directed and helped people do it.  It looks pretty good.  I still have to hide the pipes, but it's been too cold.  I'll do that in April.  Maybe I'll just show someone to do it for me.  I don't mind doing it, but the frogs are already there.  And I am afraid of them.  I detest them....

I already have a group of landscapers starting to put down pavers to create a patio around the pond and on the sides of the house.  It's going to be nice.  I will have them put down a lot of flowers and plants.  I often envision Jim and I sitting at the patio surrounding the pond, under the cherry blossoms, looking at the moon, once in a while stealing a kiss.  Then, we can stroll around the garden along the pathway.  The dim lights highlighting the patios will be just enough for the two of us.  My garden is large enough for my family and for Jim and me to enjoy separately at the same time.  This year, my goal is to have more bonfires, with Jim, of course.  I will put more plants, flowers at the firepit area and along the border of the pond so when we look out into the pond there would be more than just water and the houses on the other side of the pond.

I love colors.  I love plants.  They make me feel happy.  They make me look at the positive sides of things.  And I love to share that with my loved ones:  Jim and my family. 

I just have a feeling that this year Jim and I will enjoy life a little more.   I am so happy thinking about it.