Wednesday, May 2, 2012


A 65 y.o. man came to see me for the first time and asked me if I could do something for his penis.  His has been getting shorter and shorter over the years, and now it's difficult to pull it out whenever he needed to urinate.  Well, keep on pulling on it, I guess.  If I know how to lengthen penises, I would have done it on mine years ago, though I don't think I need to... :).

Later in the day, I performed a PAP smear, and there were sperms in the vagina...Why???

Then, there was this young guy from Nepal.  I diagnosed him with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  He insisted on having X-Rays of his joints, a whole bunch of joints.  He just stared at me when I told him I already knew what he had and didn't need to do the X-Rays.  He stared at me again and again.  What the heck?  It took me more time talking back and forth with my interpreter, and he just stared at me.  That's it! Go home and take the medicine. I am not the type who does everything patients want.  I had a whole bunch of patients waiting for me, and he kept on staring at me!

Today was not a good day.  I got to the office at 8 a.m., and there already were around 30 patients in the waiting area.  Some had appointments; some didn't.  It stressed me out when patients had to wait for a long time.  It didn't help when the walk-in patients kept on complaining about the wait.  Most of the time, it's the Vietnamese patients.  They whined and whined and whined.  They came after other people, and they wanted to be seen first.  "I have to go to work."  "I'm very sick."  "I'm hungry." "I've been waiting for so long." Etc...  Well, other patients before you had to go to work, too.  They were sick, too.  They were hungry, too.  And they had waited longer than you.  So, stop whining!

God, today was all that and more...I am beat!