Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ungrateful Asshole

I am pissed! 

My neighbor from across the street has a big dog that looks like the one in this picture.  He does have an invisible fence.  Somehow, this morning, the dog got loose.  When my sister and I backed out of our driveway to go to work, we saw this dog running toward some guy, who was around in his 30s and was jogging toward our house.  The dog advanced toward him as he backed away slowly. 

When we didn't see the dog back off, we backed our car toward the dog and honked.  The dog eventually ran back to his house but still barked and wanted to charge at the guy again.  I rolled the window down and yelled at the dog.  So, the guy got away safely.

This evening, when I got home and checked my emails, there was an email from the HOA inquiring about my chihuahua and invisible fence.  What the heck! The asshole reported us!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Two-Spirited Navajo People

My oldest sister is now vacationing at the Land of the Navajo.  This afternoon she bought a book about the Navajo People and couldn't wait to tell me what she gathered from this book. 

My oldest sister is not homophobic in the negative way.  She loves me very much, and it hurts her knowing that I am gay and having to burden the difficulties of a gay life.  More so, she's afraid that I would be hurt.  For a long time, she had refused to talk about my sexuality or about homosexuality. 

Tonight, she was so excited to tell me the story of the creation of the Navajo:

According to the Legend of The Third World, the First Woman and the First Man bore five sets of twins.  Three sets were obvious men and women.  Two sets were neither men nor women.  The three obvious-men-women sets got married.  One of the two neither-men-nor-women sets got married anyway.  The remaining set, however, didn't get married but did pottery, instead. 

These Ancient Navajos must have been VERY keen!