Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Store that Sells Cock Meat

Jim often said that I think everyone is gay.  Not true...not at all.

How about that guy from the Chicken store? He might be a closeted gay in disguise.  And all those church goers that lined up on Wednesday to get a piece of Chicken might be gay to their core, too. 

Last night, in my dream:

That CEO guy used to have a gay lover.  The two used to love hot dogs.  All they ate were hot dogs.  Big hot dogs, small hot dogs, they sucked on them at every meal.  Their moms thought they should expand their horizon beyond the American hot dogs, so they stole all of their sons' hot dogs and kept for themselves and sent their boys to France for more culture. 

In France, hot dogs were so expensive.  So, the two became creative and turned to cheese sticks instead.  Well, that didn't go well since they were, and still are to date, lactose intolerance.  Diarrhea wasn't good for their sex life.  Hence, they knew they had to change their diet. 

"What are we going to eat now? Hmmm." 

"But I like hot dogs...I want hot dogs...It's just so fulfilling...I want it!!!" the future CEO to be stumped his feet and whined at his boyfriend. 

"OK, OK...I'll find something," the boyfriend tried to calm down his whiny lover.

Lucky for them, a little rooster strolled by.  "A cock, a cock!!!" 

So, they fried their "cock". 

"I love cock meat!"

"COQ meat, you mean."

"Oui, Oui."

"I think when we go back to America, we should open a fast food chain for all of our cock lover friends."

"That's a Cock-Filling-Ass idea! I think we should name our fast food chain Cock-Filling-Ass.  You know?"

"But we are church-goers; we can't say Cock and Ass...Oops, I just said it...hehehe...giggle giggle..."

"Let's settle for Chic Fil A.  As long as  you and I know what it means, it's satisfying enough...giggle, giggle."

"Honey, you can go ahead and giggle.  You don't have to say 'giggle giggle'.  It's annoying."

"I want to be the CEO.  But I want my title to have something related to a cock.  I just love cocks.  Cocks taste good!!!  How about Mr. COQ?"

"Our cock lover, oops...chicken lover...friends won't think it's becoming of you to use COQ."

"How about COO?"

"I guess."

"Give me a C...Give me an O...give a Q...Give me a COCK, COCK, COCK...Give me your COCK!!!"

A few months later, a cock meat fast food chain came out, and a lot of chicken loving church goers loved the juice of their cock meat.


That was my dream.

I thought only prostitutes make money on cocks.