Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Homo Depot

I used to think that only the macho, straight men go to the Home Depot because straight men know how to build things.  I was surprised when I found out a lot of gay men like and do fix and build things.  I myself really don't. 

I do not want to fix things.  I do not want to build things.  That's all to it!  I know I can do it if I really want to, but I don't.  I don't even want to get a fancy cell phone just because I don't want to learn all the functions that I will never use.  Jim thought I was weird...or crazy.  A little, I guess.  OK, a lot.

Anyway, after hiring at least 4 different landscapers who overcharged but didn't do a decent job, I have had it.  Why is it so difficult to find good servicemen? First of all, they don't look good.  Second, they don't do a good job.  Third, they often try to fool you.  Just because we need their service, it doesn't mean we have no clue how things are done.  We just don't want to do it.

Well, today, I tried to be one of those gay Homo Depot guys.  I set up 3 dripping irrigation areas in my garden, and they worked! I was so happy.  Now, I don't have to worry about my plants not having enough water least in those three areas.  I still have many to go.  I just couldn't believe it.  It was very easy...

Another project that I want to do is building another koi pond.  I already have a large koi pond.  However, there's an area in the front yard where I want to be the focal point.  There're already a large Japanese maple, an ornamental pine tree and other plants.  Now, I want to build a pond there and plant lilly pads and put some Koi down.  I already picked out the big rocks that look like those mountains in the Chinese paintings.  I had holes drilled in them so I could pump water through them to make waterfalls.  I am going to put them in the center of the pond.  I am also going to have waterfalls coming from outside the pond. 

You guessed it.  I am going to do it myself.  Well, I am going to direct some workers that I hired to do it.  I am going to buy the materials and manage the project myself.  I was going to hire a company to do it.  But their price was way overinflated.  On the materials alone, they marked up almost double what I would pay if I had ordered myself.  Their labor charge was outrageous.  I can have a better looking pond with good equipment with half the price they were asking for if I overlooked the project myself.  I did some research on the pump and filtration system today.  I am more confident now that my plan is even more well thought. 

I am very excited.  I am excited because I plan to make a sitting area beside the pond.  Jim and I like to look at the moon.  Maybe, we can sit there to look at the moon when the project is done.  Actually, I'll wait till the Spring to sit there.  There's a Cherry Blossom tree there.  I'd like to replace it with a purple flowered Crepe Myrtle.  Maybe, Jim can do that for me.  There's also a long walk-way that needs to be finished.  Maybe, Jim can do that for me, too.  There are so much leaves in the yard.  Maybe, Jim can help me with that, too.  It's about time to put up the Christmas lights, too.  I have to go call Jim...

P.S. I love you, Jim