Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Our stupid chiwuawua is acting up again!

We have three dogs, the chiwuawua, a dashund, and a something else. The dashund and the other one are benign. But the chiwuawua has a big mouth. They are all dogs, but, somehow, the stupid chiwuawua thinks he's above the rest. He thinks he's a wolve. He often walks with his legs bowed up to make himself look macho and important. He would bark the loudest. Even when sometimes he spurted out some hacking sounds, he would act like the other two dogs are not in the same league as his. Most of the time, he would bark just to get attention. Some of the neighbors' dogs also bark when they hear our stupid chiwuawua barks. They form a chorus of stupid chiwuawua barking.

It is so annoying. Sometimes, we have to go to him and yell: "Shut up, Bitch!!!" Only then would he hide his tail between his hind legs and yelp: "WOA WOA."

So, we call him the chiWoaWoa.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

Mirror, Mirror on the wall...

I looked at the mirror last night and realized that I had gained a little weight, about five pounds more than my perfect weight...I did not like it.

I want my perfect weight back. It's so hard. I've been eating more and more each day. I guess it's my mom's fault. She cooks so much. She always tries to cook the tastiest food for our family. And she is an excellent cook. And she always pushes us to eat more than we should. Bad mommy!!!

Then, there are the peanut brittles, the chocolates, the sweets, the snacks...why do they taste so good? Why do they sell so many of them at the stores? I would not have bought too many of them if they didn't taste so good. Damn those companies that make them.

Why are there no healthy food that taste good? There are no good healthy food out there!

So...I asked the Mirror on the wall of my bathroom last night, and the stupid Mirror had the nerve to tell me: "Cut the crap and stop blaming others!"

Saturday, December 4, 2010

positive thinking

Last night, my sister and I stayed back at the clinic afterwork to sort out the donated clothes for today's free clothing event. This was the second time our clinic offered clothes to the patients. Our first event mainly focused on the Burmese immigrants. This time, we expanded and offered used clothes to everyone.

We got a lot of clothes. We didn't finish sorting them until 11pm last night. Today, we saw 85 patients, and our last one was done at 2:45pm, giving us only 15 minutes to start the event. The whole waiting area was packed with people. There were a lot of people waiting outside the clinic despite the rain, as well.

They each ended up with bags full of clothes. We were very exhausted but happy. When we saw one Burmese boy coming in wearing a pair of girl pants and shoes, we knew we did a good thing.

The patients that come to our clinic are mainly poor people, a lot of immigrants from different countries. But, mainly, they are Hispanics. They reminded me of when my family and I first arrived to the U.S. as immigrants. I remember very clearly how excited I was when our sponsor took us to a thrift store and let each of us pick out two items. I chose a pair of shoes and a striped shirt. The shoes didn't even fit me, but I was so excited!

Hopefully, some of the people who tried on these clothes at home tonight would be as excited as I was. I am excited thinking about it. It is so amazing how one humble experience can remind me of how lucky I am, how much God has blessed me over the years. I will try to look at the positive side of every thing in life.

I also think that applying positive thinking to my relationship with Jim would be a good idea. Even though he has not cleaned my coi pond, blown the leaves, hung the Christmas lights, fixed my sprinkler systems this year, he'll do it next year and all the years to come. He'll also learn to massage, to cook, what else...? This is exciting. Oh, the most important thing he'll learn is to say: "Yes, T. I will do as you wish." This is so positive... :)))

I love you, Jim :)