Sunday, October 17, 2010


Last night, while waiting for our names to be called at a restaurant, Jim and I stopped by Borders to look at books. While I was looking for some books to display in my new bookcases, Jim picked up a cook book--Soups.

Jim seemed fascinated with that book; it had a lot of savory looking pictures. He showed me a picture of Pho, a traditional Vietnamese soup. Then, he showed me pictures of a whole bunch of other soups from different countries. He said he wanted to try making some of them.

Well, I will refuse to eat them. I will only eat Jim's Onion Soup, no other.

In return, Jim should come to my house every weekend to blow the leaves, put down new grass seeds, gather the fallen dead tree branches, pick up the Canada geese' poop. Then, he can give me a massage.

:) (I'm just kidding about Jim's having to work in my yard...LOL)

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