Sunday, October 10, 2010

onion chili

Yesterday, I visited Jim afterwork. With a really hectic day at work, coupled with the fact that I had not been sleeping well over the past couple days, I was extremely exhausted. But I thought Jim was excited to have me over to meet AJ, K's boyfriend, so I wanted to make him always...:).

Jim told me he was making extra Onion Soup for me. He also made Onion Chili. AND, he bought hard-crusted onion bread for me because, he said, he knew I liked it. That was very sweet. OR, maybe, he bought it for AJ...hmmm...just kidding...:) Jim also made Onion Corn Bread. He didn't think I liked it. But, I liked it the most. He made all that by himself! I thought that was very nice. I love him. I really enjoyed the meal, regardless of how good or not good it was. He cooked for me, and that was the only important thing. To me, it was excellent. One thing that was a little disappointing, though, was that he had a whole backyard full of onion and he used very little of it for his Onion Chili! :))) He's going to kill me for saying that, but it's the truth.

I thought it was very loving that Jim wanted to have a home dinner with me. It was just like when I have Jim over for dinner with my family. It was wonderful. Jim thought I was bored because I didn't talk a lot. But, I was not bored. I talked in my head. I was channeling my love to him when I looked at him...I guessed my channeling power was off the radar...:) Just kidding...I was imagining Jim and me being alone together, having dinner together at home, just like I always imagine every time I have dinner at my house.

In my dream world, Jim would cook dinner for me after I get home from work. Then, I would let him give me a massage and fan me to sleep. After that, he could do the dishes, mop the floor, dust the furniture, and clean the garage. Then, he could climb into bed and spoon me...:)


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