Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Our stupid chiwuawua is acting up again!

We have three dogs, the chiwuawua, a dashund, and a something else. The dashund and the other one are benign. But the chiwuawua has a big mouth. They are all dogs, but, somehow, the stupid chiwuawua thinks he's above the rest. He thinks he's a wolve. He often walks with his legs bowed up to make himself look macho and important. He would bark the loudest. Even when sometimes he spurted out some hacking sounds, he would act like the other two dogs are not in the same league as his. Most of the time, he would bark just to get attention. Some of the neighbors' dogs also bark when they hear our stupid chiwuawua barks. They form a chorus of stupid chiwuawua barking.

It is so annoying. Sometimes, we have to go to him and yell: "Shut up, Bitch!!!" Only then would he hide his tail between his hind legs and yelp: "WOA WOA."

So, we call him the chiWoaWoa.

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