Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Confucius is bothering me...

I saw a 20 year-old Burmese patient today. He was riding a bus, and it flipped. The ER doc gave him 32 staples on his left upper back and six on his left elbow. Pus was oozing out a little when I undressed...

"Beague aw jsmaw weewee?"

"I undressed his WOUND, Dear Confucius!"

"Woule ong hiz weewee?"

"NO! On his back!"

"Ju jsay ich ooz. Ole-lee weewee oooz!"

"A penis does not ooze pus..."

"Jspurm! Jspurm!"

"I know! Dear Confucius. Can I continue to tell my story without you interupting, please?"

"Otay, otay...Mee weewee jsee?"

"No, thank you."

"Nook! Poose!"

"...That's not pus! Get away from me!!!"