Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our First Project

The thought of building a firepit at the back of my house had never crossed my mind until I met Jim and joined him for a campfire in his backyard. To me, it was nice only because I shared it with him. So, I built one near the pond, and we did have a couple of campfires there, once with only the two of us. I liked it.

Tonight, I decided not to do any paperwork because I will be off from work tomorrow. I can do it tomorrow night. So, I designed a metal tree for a small sitting area in the front yard. I want to hang flower pots, wind chimes, and, especially, bird feeders on it to attract birds. I've seen, in my yard, a couple of yellow birds, a blue bird, and some others that are very beautiful. There are also a lot of large butterflies around.

I really like my design. It's going to be about eight foot tall with multiple curling branches and just a few large leaves. Around it, I'm going to put an iron round table and a few chairs. Maybe, one day, Jim and I would sit there sipping hot chocolate. I can imagine us putting food in the bird feeders on Sunday mornings. And, on holidays, when we have parties, we would light candles in the lanterns and hang them there. We can sit there looking up to the stars on a clear night. And, if Jim is nice, I'd give him some mosquito repellent.

Anyway, I'll have to create a little model out of wire first. I don't want the welder to mess up on my design. I think I'll ask Jim to do this with me. I'll name it "Our First Project." Of course, when we're done, I'll have him dig up holes and put down the big Hibiscus plants for me. Maybe, he can clean the coi pond. Or, he can cut down the big termite-infested trees, clean the gutters, wash the windows, dig up weeds...I'll help direct him, of course.


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  1. Every backyard needs a focal point. You should see these wind spinners, they're dazzling!