Saturday, September 25, 2010


Over the past few weeks, the deers have repeatedly invaded my mom's vegetable garden. I bought some deer repellent but haven't had time to put them out there. I'm so lazy. I'm tired. I'm tired from work. I'm tired from the heat. The Canadian geese haven't left yet. They, too, have been terrorizing the lawn at the edge of the pond. They look so beautiful, yet they are beasts. They don't even care if I scream at them. They would just look at me and slowly walk away when I run down toward them. Can't the deers and geeze just hang around at one corner just for looks? Just to make the view from my house look more romantic? No, they have to destroy my yard!

Actually, I still love to have them visiting my backyard. The little geeze are now much bigger and already flying. The ducks, too...but I don't think all the ducklings survive. I love little ducklings and chics. They are so adorable. I used to raise them back in my country when I was a little kid. Then, when I was in high school and college, I used to raise a lot of them, also. It started out as a couple of miniature chicken. The hen laid over 100 eggs and didn't want to incubate the eggs. So, I designed an incubator and hatched 8 chics out of 12 eggs. Eventually, I had almost 50 of them. Right before I went out of state for more schooling, I had to take them to the swap meet to sell them, but I couldn't sell them all. So, I left them home with my mom.

While being away, my mom often sent me food. So, one day, I received a jar of stewed chicken. Each piece was very mom murdered my chicken!...LOL...and she fed them to me...Ah...LOL...hmmm. Now, I really want to raise a couple of them again, but I don't think the HOA would approve. So, since I can't raise tiny chicken, I've been thinking of ways to attract more birds to my yard, but some of my friends have warned me about the mice and the snakes...I do not want them. I hate snakes, and I'm afraid of mice. They look so dirty!

So, now, I have to design a different structure for my bird feeders so that there won't be so much spilling of seeds to prevent the attraction of mice and snakes. This should be interesting. However, right now, I'm exhausted. I'm going to bed...I'm rambling...



  1. You are NOT lazy. You are tired because you are always working your ass off. You need more time to relax and do things you like to do, rather than the things you have to do.

    I think a gay cruise is just the thing you need to unwind. I wonder who you should take with you.

  2. Are you calling me a whore? And, I'm not a bottom...LOL

  3. Whenever we have a chance, I'd love to go on a gay cruise with you, Jim. I love you.