Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our Second Project

The leaves are starting to change color at my house, only the yellow ones though. The orange, red maples have not yet changed their color. I also have three ash trees. Last year, my sister and I saw some ash trees around the nearby Home Depot, and they looked so awesome. There were a mixture of red, purple leaves on the periphery of the trees that were highlighted by the light green leaves hidden inside; with the mild sunbeams of an autumn afternoon shining through them, it was a wonderful sight that we had yet to see in a tree. We decided we had to have them. So, we bought three. However, we were not sure if they were the same type of ash trees. I've been anxiously waiting for them to change color. Right now, the one at the entrance to my house already has some purplish leaves, but I have yet to see any red ones. Hmmm...if they're not the same kind, I'll be stuck with three of them... LOL.

Some of the leaves are even already falling. I'm not sure sometimes if some of the trees are already dead because of the heat or if it's true that fall has come. Everyday now, I have to scoop up the leaves in the pond skimmers. The coi pond water has cleared up. The algae are almost gone, I guess. This is a new pond without any plants but with a whole bunch of fish. The ecosystem has yet to develop an equilibrium. Therefore, during the summer, the water is not so clear. The coi fish don't come up to eat as often any more. I can't help but wonder if the heron that's been hanging out at the big pond has made some visit here...Grrr. The coi usually eat less toward winter, though. Even the Canadian geese don't visit as often any more. I haven't seen them all day. Are they heading back to Canada? Do they do that? I used to see them at around seven in the morning. Sometimes they stayed until around nine at night. I could see them under the glittering light reflections on the pond. I don't know if they were there tonight or not. It's starting to get dark by eight now.

I hope this year we'll have some autumn time. Last year, the summer last too long that we barely experienced the autumn. I don't like that. The autumn is so romantic. I love the colors. I love the gentle breeze. I love the light fog in the early morning. I love looking at the street lamps in the fog. I love to stay in the fall while looking forward to Christmas.

Christmas...this reminds me that I have to get a lot of Christmas lights early this year so they won't run out. Earlier this year, I wanted some to hang on the trees near the entrance, but they were sold out right after Christmas. The trees at the nearby shopping center has Christmas lights on them, and they look very nice. I can't wait to get them this year.

Maybe, Jim and I can hang them on the trees together. I'll name this "Our Second Project". Or, maybe, I can show Jim how to hang them. After that, maybe, he can blow the leaves, clean the gutters, put more mulch to keep the plant roots warm. Then, we can share a hot chocolate. I think he knows how to make it...


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