Sunday, January 30, 2011

Anyone Has a Match?

We have moved into this new house for about a year now. In the basement,'s more like another floor, we have a small room that we converted into an exercise room for my sisters. Inside that room, we have a small closet that has the water heater and a sink to bathe their dogs. My sisters also put their dogs in this room at night. They are tiny dogs, and they only want to sleep in their crates. Anyway, there has been this annoying smell coming from this room. And it has become increasingly worse. We first blamed the dogs. But, my sisters did a good job at cleaning the room and bathing these dogs. It didn't help. It got to the point that I would feel embarrassed if I have guests walking toward the guest room, which is across from this room.

Over the past few days, it became stinky. We took a closer look and thought that it had to be from the water heater. We guessed that it was the gas leak. We were able to have the contractor, whom we knew well, come and add a vent system for this room, and the heat guy was to come today.

It happened that Jim came to visit us last night. So, he was very nice to help me check the water heater. He also thought that it was the source. So, he turned it off. This morning, I woke up early when it was still dark. My electricity was gone. The thermostat dropped down to the sixties. The stove didn't have any gas. The shower was extremely cold. Everywhere was dark. What did Jim do to my gas and my electricity? He sabotaged my house!!! The gas odor was still strong, however. And, now, it's all over the house. I couldn't find my flashlights anywhere. Luckily, I found some matches...

Just kidding...:)))

I found out that our propane tank was empty. We did have a tiny leak from the water heater's pipe. The heater guy tightened the screw for me. But, I still have to wait until we refill the propane tank to really test it. For now, I have to take really cold baths.


  1. T, maybe that explains the odor problem you have with your PA. Maybe she has "gas" coming out the wrong end! Just screw her . . . oops, sorry, I meant tighten her screw! Perhaps Jim could help you -- does he know anything about screwing?

  2. T, it seems that you are having an awful (yes meant literally) lot of odor problems recently. Now that I have reached 68 years old, I have lost my sense of smell. After reading your recent blog posts, I've decided that it a blessing!

    My word verification is "stifum" -- I think that is the opposite of "perfume" and may describe your odors!