Sunday, May 22, 2011


Growing up, I often blame society for the way gay people are treated. If only they know what gay people have to go through in life dealing with conflicts, whether internally or externally, maybe society would have a better attitude toward us gay individuals.

But, society, in general, doesn't know. They don't really know about gay people. Therefore, they are scared. People are usually scared when they don't have enough information or knowledge about something they have to deal with. I stopped blaming society. They are ignorant, for the most part; that's why they act the way they act. They don't know better. They need education. They need time to digest something that we have had years to digest and hopefully accept.

But, I do blame those gay individuals who, for some reason, can't stop generalizing gay people and bashing them. If you cannot be respectful toward gay people, how can you expect others to treat gay people, including you, decently?

Isn't that ignorance? Or stupidity?

In my opinion, if you can say "most gays are this...most gays are that...," you must have had so much experience with gay people. And if you say that most gays are sluts, then I can't help but wonder how you got to know so many sluts. If you say most gays are losers, then I can't help but wonder why so many losers gravitate toward you. And if you say that most gays are not into relationsips, then I can't help but wonder that maybe they are just not interested in a relationship with you. And if you say that most gays are negative this, negative that, should you wonder why those gays that are "positive this, positive that" do not cross your path? The list goes on and on...

To my gay friends who bash other gay people, there are plenty of good, nice gay people out there. Maybe, if you would just try to be a little humble, you might meet some good ones. Mirrors are not made to point at others; they are made for each one of us to look at ourselves, to reflect what is us as an individual. Take a careful look at ourselves in them.

To think about it, sometimes we tend to put others down to try to make ourselves feel good, superior to others, to hide our insecurities. We boast; we tell stories; we paint ourselves so gloriously, but we, in fact, know that we are just like a drum that screams loudly but is completely empty inside.

On that note, I now don't think I want to blame the gay gay-bashers for the way gay people are treated either. Maybe, they are just ignorant. Or, maybe, they are just lost and confused. Or, maybe, they are just plain scared.

At the end of the day, let's just live. Let's not blame anyone. If our experiences with gay people have been negative, we should simply take our mirror out and take a long look at ourselves. Then, maybe we can find the answer.

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