Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A whining kid at my pinic

Last Sunday, we had a pinic for our staff and their families. It was a beautiful, sunny day. The part of the park we rented was secluded with a volleyball court and a small pond--very peaceful and romantic.

We had barbecue pork, hot dogs, burgers, among other things. We planned a lot of fun games. Pretty much all of our staff showed up, plus their families. The food was abundant; the games were fun and exciting.

All of us enjoyed the day, very much. Well, I guess not all of us did. There was one kid that whined, and whined, and WHINED...very annoying. The worst part was that he lied, and lied, and LIED about being bullied by some other kids. I guess when kids lie, they often don't know enough to burb up a coherent, believable story. So, what can they do but regurgitate what they saw or heard from other people. They gather bits and pieces of other kids' stories to make their own. Oftentimes, they use the exact words or phrases that have been repeated over, and over, and OVER on the playground. You can't help but know that they made up the stories!

Well, being the party-pooper last Sunday, I just sat under a tree and observed. So, I knew that that kid was not at all bullied. He was just an attention seeker. So, I told him: "Stop whining. It's not becoming of you!" Nah, I didn't say that. That's too gay...LOL. I said, "Shut the hell up or I'll kick your butt! That's how being bullied is!" Nah, I didn't say that either...

Anyway, he kept on whining, and it was annoying...

We had fun, regardless.