Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Am Dying.....

I am dying...

I hate computers. I don't know much about computers. And, I refuse to learn it! Yes, I'm sitting on the floor stumping my feet refusing to learn the computers. I can learn to do pretty much anything I want to, but I refuse to learn the computers.

I even refuse to memorize the address to my blog. I usually go into Jim's blog then click onto mine. Well, something horrible happened to me this week. When I clicked onto some of the sites on Jim's blog, including mine, sometimes it just froze. Mine is the worst. If I clicked on my blog name, the article would appear, but, once I clicked on "comment", it just froze stiff. STIFF...hmmm. Jim's staff is STIFF...When I first learned English, I used to write a sentence for every interesting word.

Anyway, this is killing me. With my obsessive-compulsive TRAIT (yes, Jim, I have an OC TRAIT, not least, not yet), this drives me crazy.

I have another sentence: I have OCD when it comes to Jim's STIFF STAFF. :))) Actually, all kidding aside, I love Jim with all my heart, and it has nothing to do with his stiff staff. I am just as happy with him with or without sex. I would be even happier if he'd let me show him how to take down my Christmas tree. Somehow, Jim doesn't think it's a good way to make memories with me. I just don't get it...LOL.

Back to the main topic, I tried a different computer, and the exact same thing happened. This drives me nuts! I am dying of frustration.


  1. I am an IT Director and I know exactly what is happening! Same thing happened to me in the past week. Blogger introduced a new feature in comments called "threaded" comments. As soon as this happened, I have been unable to make comments on several blogs with this feature enabled....I'll send you the bill :)

  2. T, I had to "Favorite" my own blog so I could get back to it. Then, about a week ago, the link broke. Don't ask me how. Anyway, I couldn't remember the address so I had to Google myself to find the address. I reset the Favorite and all is good.

    You are not alone!! :D