Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Blue Koi Pond

My garden make-over is kind of almost done...So much work, darn it!  So many things to do, so little time.  Technically, I shouldn't have to do anything but enjoy the garden after the landscapers finished their work.  However, these landscapers were jerks.  I paid them a lot of money, but they didn't do a good job.  Now, I have to fine-tune it myself...GRRR.

I added a number of spray heads to some irrigation zones this evening after work.  Still have a lot to go.  I also added bacteria, algae killing stuff, and...a blue dye to the koi ponds.  I ordered this package with different types of good bacteria to make the pond water look clear, and they included this blue dye which stated as safe for the fish. 

Well, I put too much dye into the ponds.  Now, the water is really, REALLY BLUE.  It's so blue it's not even funny!  I'm not too worry about this though.  However, all the fish started to come up...probably to get air.  I am so worried now.  I hope they won't die. 

Two weeks ago, I put about 10 little koi into the new, small koi pond that I had just finished.  The water wasn't clear, so I couldn't see any of them.  I found two of them, but...DEAD.  One got stuck in the pump; one floated...Jim found it on Sunday.  I wasn't sure how many of them were left until tonight when five of them came up for air.  I think I put too much dye.  What am I saying?  I did put way too much dye.  Sigh...I hope the fish will live.

I will be so sad if I woke up tomorrow and the fish all died.  Unless I won the lottery tonight...

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