Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring has come

These were the ducklings from last year. I don't know where they all are, now. Maybe, some of them were eaten by some animals. Even before the winter, I hadn't seen all of them again. Now that the spring is back, I do see some of them paddling around the pond but not many. Maybe, they'll hatch some more soon. I can't wait. They give life to the still pond.
The Canada geese are also back. But they are destroyers. They ate all the grass around the pond and further into my backyard last year. Right now, all the grass in my yard is dead. I'll have to grow some soon, but I'm afraid of these geese. There's a house across the pond from my house that has new grass. They're attacking that lawn now. I thought they wouldn't come back to my house, but they do. They eat there and rest on my side of the pond afterward. That's very nice but not good once I put in a new lawn...
Then there's a family of five deers that often trespass my backyard. They like my mom's vegetable garden. My mom is very anxious about it.
The only animals that I don't really welcome at my house are the herons. There was one that discovered my coi pond this past winter. Luckily, it hasn't fished out any of my coi fish yet. I got two fake metal herons at the coi pond, but I don't think that works. I recently bought a very real looking fake eagle. Let's see if that will work.
I love the spring. I love sitting on the balcony looking out to the pond, the ducks, the geese, the deers, all the different flowers. The new leaves are coming out, too. It's so peaceful yet full of life.
Tonight, I sat on the upper balcony looking out to the pond. I couldn't see the flowers, the animals. But I saw the still pond, the full moon. It was very peaceful. And, the best thing was Jim sitting next to me.

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