Saturday, March 26, 2011


Jim visited me tonight and helped me assemble a swing set for the patio. It took us about two hours, despite the instruction saying thirty minutes. Jim and I both thought that the only way it would take only thirty minutes to set that up is by one of those Chinese working for the swing factory who competes to save the lives of his family. It was not at all complicated, but it was time consuming. We worked very well on this project. I think it was the first project we really did together. Jim said it was a test of the relationship. We didn't argue at all, not even once. I told Jim it was because I was willing to let Jim do all the work and Jim was willing to listen when I corrected what he did wrong. Tomorrow, I'll look for more projects to test our relationship. I think tonight we found the secret for maintaining a strong relationship... :) ILUJ


  1. So funny how that works. There will always be one person willing to take the helm and the other person who sweats it out