Monday, March 7, 2011

Time for bed, sleepy head

It's 1:30 am. I'm still wide awake. It's funny...I'm awake worrying about Jim not being able to sleep. I told him to call me if he couldn't sleep, but he said he didn't want to bother me. So, now, I'm wondering if he's sound as sleep or if he's awake and pacing the floor. But, I don't want to text him in case he's sleeping and that would wake him up...

Well, I'm going to wind up one of my musical globes...It's a small snow baby musical globe. On it, there's a line that says: "Time for bed, sleepy head." I wind it up once in a while. I love musical globes. I love hearing them play. My first musical globe was actually a small musical piano, not a globe. My cousin gave it to me when I first arrived to the US thirty years, how time just flew by; before you have the chance to wink, it's 30 years.

I used to stay up late translating my homework from English to Vietnamese during the first six months. And this musical toy had kept me good company. I can still hear the tunes and feel the special feelings they brought me during those cold, silent nights. Somehow, it was very special. I guess I equated it with the peace, the freshness, the safety, the hope, the innocence, the simplicity of a new life in a new country. The path getting to that point was tough. But, my parents brought me to that point.

Since then, the path that has gotten me to this point now has not been easy. At one point, it was extremely difficult. But, I got here, now. And I am happy. And a part of my happiness is Jim. So, tonight, I again wind up my musical snow globe to mark this moment.

And I'm going to wind up my snow globe one more time for those blogger friends who are struggling to find the path to happiness. My prayers are for you.

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