Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Double Squeeze

I had a male patient who came in today to follow up for premature ejeculation. The medicine I gave him seemed to have helped him but not to the extent that he was totally satisfied. So, as I told him I would up the dosage on that medicine, he leaned back on his chair and started to squeeze his nipples as if I wasn't there. Then, suddenly he stopped, realizing I was in front of him. LOL!!! I wonder what he was fantasizing about.

"Hee gay!!!"

"Dear Confucius, I do not think so."

"Stret mang jsquiz olly wang neepole ech a tyme...Dubbole jsquiz, Gay!!!"

"Stop squeezing your nipples, Dear Confucius...Leave me alone, Please!!!"


  1. I think I just wet myself with laughter!

  2. I'm glad I could make someone laugh