Friday, August 12, 2011

Sleep Deprived

I am exhausted!

I am lack of sleep!

I used to be able to function pretty well after two nights gayly forward without sweat. This was when I used to watch some of those Chinese soap opera (dubbed in Vietnamese). Most of them were stupidly long, but they made it in a way that you just have to watch the whole series regardless of how bad they were. I used to watch them for two or three days straight. I was crazy. But, that was when I was in college. It was when I was still young, sadly. Then, when I was in Residency, I used to be on call every fourth day...staying awake and working for 36 hours straight. I was still ok.

But, now, I can't do that any more!!! I stay up one night, and I'm like dead! I get dizzy. I have headaches. I feel horrible. I guess partly it's because I don't sleep much in general. I usually have to do my paperwork until at least 10pm, sometimes later. I watch TV while doing it, so it takes a longer time than it should. Then, I usually watch TV until at least midnight, sometimes 1am. I usually wake up at 6am. Sometimes, I wake up earlier, like 4am, and watch TV again.

I guess I just don't have enough sleep reserve. So, this past Sunday, I had to get up at 4am and drive 4 hours to the beach with my sisters and parents to attend a merchant show to order products for the retail section of my sister's pharmacy. We drove home on that same day. Since, I've been so exhausted doing research on products for my sister's pharmacy. On top of that, we've had so many patients this week at the clinic.


"Ju gray-jee! Ju ole ang no jsneep! mucho rinkole!"

"But, Dear Confucius, you sleep the whole day and you still have wrinkles on every fraction of an inch of your ..."

"Wen ju nakid, mee lo maw rinkole...khee, khee, khee..."



  1. Maybe if you has a nice warm boyfriend to snuggle in bed with, you would sleep more. Hint. Hint.

  2. I wonder if you got the hint.
    Jim, I think you have to show him, those hints are not enough!