Sunday, February 5, 2012

I Need A Break

I've had a hard week at work. Actually, it's been a few months worth of hard work. Actually, it's been a few years worth of hard work. It's just that this week has been harder. I'm not yet burnt out. I'm very resilient. But, I might break soon if this persists. Well, probably not, but I do wish to have some relaxing time. One of our two PAs decided to switch gear and enter a specialty. The other one was new but had more potential than this one. However, she had some poor work ethics and had shown to be a potential liability. So, I quickly let her go. This Monday, we'll have a new one that seems very nice and willing to appreciate team-work. Hopefully, it will work out. I need another one. The demand for PAs in this area is so high that it's very difficult to get a good PA. It's so difficult that I have decided to hire an extra one; that would make 3 PAs. Still, I could not hire them. Most of our patients are indigent, new immigrants, Hispanics, Asians, some Blacks, and very few Whites. This fact does not attract physicians or physician assistants so much if they just quickly glance at our practice. In reality, it's a very worthwhile place to work. The salary and benefits are good. The patients are usually very nice. The staff are helpful and nice. Especially, the boss is extremely nice...:D. Yet, I'm still working so hard. I am praying for two nice PAs to come my way. Yes. God, please bring me two more. I'm so tired I'm not funny any more.


Meanwhile, Jim asked me to go clothe shopping with him later today to prepare for his new job. This should be interesting...:D An Asian guy and a White guy clothe shopping together. How gay can it be? LOL...One good thing is that I'm no longer afraid that people might notice us. Well, unless there'd be some Vietnamese around. They love to gossip. Grrr.

Well, it will be a good break. I will have to go back to my paperwork tonight. I haven't done any paperwork this morning. I went to church, had lunch, vacuumed part of the house, and it's already 2:45pm.

2nd shower now...


  1. T- I am really sorry to hear about the trouble with the PA's. I can only imagine how tired you are. I have to thank you for this post though, it's very encouraging to me! I was going to be a teacher, but the salary is too low. A PA makes a decent salary, and well it's been a second passion of mine. I really wanted to do the Doctors without borders, making a difference in this world is important.

    It sounds like you are doing just that! You'll be blessed from the work you doing! Good luck in finding great PA's to help you!

    Did you find anything great shopping? Hi Jim!

  2. I had to force Jim to try out the shirts and pants and shoes. He was bad. We didn't have to spend much time, though. AND, he helped me take down the Christmas tree. I'm wearing him down. When Spring comes, I'll train him to work on my garden. Maybe, I'll buy some more trees and show Jim how to dig holes and plant them. I have decided that, from now on, this would be his new hobby. Good idea.

  3. Great Idea T. Jerry loves Gardening, really takes the stress out of the day. The reward everyone stops by your house to compliment your yard. So not only a stress reliever but an eye catcher too.

    LOL.. I couldn't imagine it! Thank you.