Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nose Picking

People are picking noses left and right. With the presence of the allergy season, I don't think there are anyone who doesn't do it. Even the Queen of England does it. Jim took these pictures. He told me she even looked at it afterward. He said he wasn't sure what she did with it, though.

Today, there was a patient who took his two sons in to see me. For the whole time he was in the exam room, he repeatedly picked his nose. Right in front of me! How gross! Why would you do that when you know someone is right there looking at you? How many times do you have to pick your nose? If you have to, shouldn't you aim it so that you could do it in one shot? Why do you have to look at what you got? Don't tell me you are going to taste it the moment I turn away.

I'm all gross out, now...LOL. This actually did happen.


  1. I see a horse behind Her Majesty. I think it's better that she picked her nose and not the horse's!

  2. You can pick your nose and you pick your friends, but you can't pick your friend's nose.