Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Valentines

3/30/2008 first meeting with Jim, at Chili's; Jim asked if he could kiss me--our first kiss
3/31 Jim texted his pic to me saying he dreamed about making love to me in the garden
4/1 Jim upgraded his phone so he could text me unlimitedly
4/2 he said he was my bf and family--first "I love you" to me. We met again at 9pm
4/3 he told K he loved me
4/4 he visited my home for the first time and went to dinner
4/5 I visited his home for the first time. We made eggrolls. I got food poisoning and vomited
4/6 he said, "You've made my world new and exciting. I want to explore it with you."
4/7 planned for him to come over for my BD
4/8 chatted online until 11pm
4/9 he bragged to his neighbor about me. K read the texts he sent to me
4/10 he told me he had a dream about me the night before. Lunch with Jim and K
4/11 had a good time
4/12 upset for the first time because he didn't call to say good night
4/13 went to Lowes with Jim and K to pick out some flowers to plant in front of their house.
4/14 Jim talked to his counselor and showed my picture...
Jim went back and forth with his guilt, his confusion, his wanting to save his marriage...MANY times. I helped him dump me at least five times because he was too chicken to tell me.
4/2010 Jim knew if he dumped me again, I would vanish...
He has shown that he loves me very much.
I love Jim very much.
Happy Valentines, Jim

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