Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Talking Cockateil

I bought some birds recently...two cockateils, some canaries, some gouldian finches, some cordon bleu finches, and some society finches...I know; I know...My sisters know, and I know... it's my OCD. But, these birds are so beautiful and cute.

The red factor (the red canary...I don't know why it's called red factor) just hatched two tiny cute with their tiny chirps. A couple of the other finches are incubating also. I am so excited. My parents love that, too. Even my sisters, who only love dogs, keep on telling me not to bother the mother birds.

Well, I am even more excited about the talking cockateil. She says "hello" and, sometimes, "I love you." The "I love you" is not so clear, though. She now has learned some new words. She can say "Jim". Today, after my mom and I cleaned the cages, she learned to say "clean". She is so intelligent that she was able to connect the words. She now can say, "Hello, Jim, clean."

So, all I have to do is to teach her two more words, "my" and "cage".


Just kidding...she only says "hello" and "I love you." But, I WILL train her! Just you wait!


P.S. OK, I'll teach her to say "please", also.

P.S. again, tonight, Jim brought me some soup he made...I'm happy :)

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