Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Usually, when I wake up in the morning, I turn on the TV to check on the weather for the day and the whole week. This is just so that I could know if I should turn off the sprinkler system.

The soil in my garden is not of consistent quality. In some areas, there are decent soil. In some, it's very dry that requires abundant watering. In most, it's clay based which retains water. On top of that, I planted so many different types of trees and plants which require different amount of water. It would be simple just to match up the type of plants and soil based on their water need and soil condition. However, I want to have plants and flowers everywhere in my yard year round. This is why it's very tricky. On top of that, the water pressure from each sprinkler head in each zone is not the same...Grrr!!! So, almost all of my plants are good now. There are just a few that I have to make sure there's enough water or not too much water.

A week ago, I had people killing all the bad, old grass and seeding new fescue. Because of the summer weather, I had to water it a lot. Unfortunately, we had three consecutive days of storms and hard rains. Two of my cherry blossom trees drown! Grrr!!!

This summer is crazy. It's so hot. This morning, the weather man warned us about the heat which could make us feel like 110 degree by mid-day. I can't make it with heat like that. I have RAD (Reactive Airway Disease, kind like asthma). If I smell cigarette smoke or am in extreme heat, I just cannot breathe.

Thank God, I work inside and under air conditioning. I thought I was saved from the heat. I thought my RAD would be fine. But!!!, today, I developed ATS. I could barely breathe!

There was a really sick patient, exhibiting severe headache and vomiting, who was brought to our clinic by her husband. Under this extreme heat, he wore a sleeveless T-shirt. He didn't wear any deodorant. On top of that (my third "on top of that"), he kept on raising his arms when he talked. On top of that, he was from Butal. That means I had to have an interpreter. So, I had to stay in the room much longer. I was INTOXICATED!!! LOL...

I didn't feel good. I had ATS--Armpit Toxic Syndrome...


Confucius said: "Thou jshall lot openg armpeet eef ich jee-mell"

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