Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jim, You Need to Settle the Score!

Jim told me there was a 70% chance of rain today while I was busy watering some of my plants that didn't get enough water from the sprinklers, but I didn't listen to him. I went ahead and watered them anyway. Now, it's pouring. But, if I didn't water them and rain didn't come, I would have to water them after work tomorrow. I'd be too tired.

Sometimes, I think it's a curse that I have this huge garden. It's hard work. My mom and I have spent a lot of time in it. My sister helped some. It's getting much better but not where I can just relax and enjoy yet, maybe next year.

Today, my mom and I put down eight Roses of Sharon (Hibiscus that lives through the winter in our area). I bought them probably a couple of months ago, I think, but I have been too lazy to plant them. It's been so hot here. Today was milder.

Now, it's raining hard. There have been a lot of thunder and lightning. Jim loves thunder and lightning. I don't love them. But I love Jim. So, every time there's a thunder storm, I miss him a lot. I miss him all the time. But, I miss him even more tonight.

"Mee mizz ju, ju, Zim!"

"But, Dear Confucius, he's my boyfriend!"

"Mee wang eem!"


"JEZ, JEZ, JEZ...!!!"



  1. before it's too late........
    Find a bf for your Confucius! Just imagine why might happen if Jim's Confucius falls in love with yours!
    Geeeeeeeee, batting eyelashes and lotsa Jeez!

  2. Jim doesn't have a Confucius. He has an Abraham Lincoln.

  3. I should have guessed. Now many things make sense!