Monday, July 11, 2011


Today, I had to send a letter of discharge to one of my patients. Why? She was inappropriate with a male staff of mine.

This is a Hispanic woman who had come to our practice twice for treatments of STD's. On her first visit, she brought with her a man she called her husband. During the second visit, while interviewing her, my Physician Assistant figured out that this man, who accompanied her, was actually her brother-in-law who she had been having an affair with while her husband was still in her country.

Today, when one of my male staff called her to relay a message, she told him multiple times that she was naked and stated that he was handsome and asked for his phone number. This is my youngest staff, who is only 22. Poor guy, he was shaken up by that.

Because he was shaken up by that and felt very uncomfortable, I had to reassure him that I will discharge her from our clinic. I figured most guys would have been flattered whether they liked it or not. I guess my staff felt violated...:))) Regardless, she was wrong.

I thought it was a little funny, though.


  1. T: I guess it goes to show all of us that each person has their own interpretation as to what is appropriate and what is offensive...

  2. I think her former causes for medical treatment, may have put him off..