Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Snack Withdrawal

I am currently in withdrawal!!!

Yes, withdrawal from sweets, from snacks, from sodas, from food!!!!!!!

It's so uncomfortable.

My stomach feels empty. It should be filled with my mom's delicious dinner. Even the left-overs would be perfect. It should be filled with the cookies, the Doritos chips, the beef jerky, the chocolates, chocolates...yum yum.

My throat is quenched with thirst...Isn't that horrible? It should be quenched with the sweet sodas, coke, diet coke, 7-up, lemonade...whatever, as long as it's sweet, as long as it's not plain water!!!

I am suffering!!! I'm restless. My body itches. My neck tenses up. I can't focus on my TV programs...

Usually, I give myself 5 pounds, give or take, from my ideal weight to set the limit. But, I rarely let myself go 3 pounds past my ideal weight. The reason is my extra weight will just go straight to my belly, not my chest or anywhere else of importance. Over the past couple of months, I've let myself go and gained 7 pounds over my ideal weight as of yesterday.

I've been eating so much...eating in, eating out, no matter! I've been eating more than I needed. On top of that, I stacked a whole bunch of junk food in the pantry. I didn't just snack here and there; I snacked everywhere! I usually start with some sweets. Then, I would reason myself that I need something salty to balance the sweet. Then, I would go back to the sweets, then the salty, then the sweet, then the rest of everything else in the pantry. Then, I would be so thirsty. There goes another coke. Well, I have switched to diet coke mostly. For the last few days, we have been out of diet coke. I had to substitute it with chocolate tasted so good!

I am so tempted to run downstairs to get some snack now...grrr. I am weak.

Yesterday morning, after gulping down two and a half donuts, I decided that I had to eat less and take control of my weight. I don't want to get diabetes. A lot of my family members have diabetes. Plus, I want to keep my figure...LOL. I want to be beautiful in and out for Jim, my loving boyfriend. I mean in and out...of my clothes...:))) Plus, I have accepted to sing for two upcoming fundraising events for the less fortunate children in Cambodia and Vietnam, one in August and one in September. I don't want my belly to bulge out every time I take a deep breath.

So, since dinner of yesterday, I have been good. No snacks. I have also cut down the amount of rice. This afternoon, I ate some french fries and only half of a baconator from Wendys. I love Wendys' baconator. It tasted good...all half of it! I had never ated just half of a baconator...grrr. The good thing was I lost 2 pounds as of this evening before I left work. And, dinner tonight was very good. I ate only 2/3 of what I used to eat lately. I wanted to just eat half of what I used to eat, but the temptation kicked in. And, so far, I have not yet touched any snacks.

I am not one who cares so much about eating. But whenever I intend to diet, ANY food looks good...grrr...grrr...grrr.

"Mee dear jile, jome-ting wong wee ju?"

"Just snack withdrawal!...And...your accent! My boyfriend complained that he couldn't understand you!"

"Bahd tempuh bring ju fad ahss!"

"Your accent confuses me!"

"Wy ju tink I geg mee lame?--Confucius (Confuse us), geg ich? khee...khee...khee."


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