Saturday, July 9, 2011

East Meets West Symphony

On Thursday night, Jim and I went to a symphony. The theme was East Meets West.

It was very interesting. The symphony consisted of multiple instruments, some western, some oriental. When compared to the usual orchestra, one would never have thought that such mixture of instruments could bring such heavenly sounds. The main instrument was the accordion. This was paralleled with the oriental flute. Surprisingly, when augmented with the occasional violin, harp, harmonica, and tuba, one cannot help but remain wide awake to enjoy the music.

Actually, this was the night Jim slept over. He snored the accordian. I snored the flute very gently. The crickets were the violin; the ceiling fan was the harp; the rain was the harmonica; and the stupid frogs were the tuba.

Regardless of all the wonderful noises, I loved holding Jim and being held by him in my bed.

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