Sunday, July 24, 2011

Will Power

I had lost a total of 4 lbs in three days, as of yesterday. I ate ok yesterday and this morning, not so bad but not so good to be proud of. I'm not sure I lost any more pound, but as long as I haven't gained any back, I'd be happy.

But...Life always has a but in it! Crap! For dinner today, my parents want to go to the Chinese Buffet Restaurant we usually go. It's kind of a fancy Chinese Buffet place that has a lot of unhealthy but good food. Are they trying to test my will power or something?

I am will power when it comes to habits. Thank God I don't drink or smoke or do drugs. If I do, I'm not sure I could quit. One of my habits is watching the Golden Girls. I have watched all of their episodes over and over again, and I still watch it, very late every night. I don't even know why now. I have a habit of taking several showers a day...well, I think that's good. I have a habit of eating a lot of sweet/snacks...It has been hard over the last few days. I kind of relapsed last night...OK, I relapsed big time...LOL. People in a lot of countries are starving. Imagine living in America and can't even eat!!! I also have no will power when Jim is near...I have to grab him...LOL...But, he's an animal! If I don't grab him, he'll grab me! Yesterday, we watched Zoo Keeper, and I learned a very good lesson. I'm going to apply that to Jim. You have to watch it to know. I will control him...!!!

I am debating...I have only three more pounds to lose. Should I just eat and work on it later? Grrr...grrr...grrr...

On another note, Jim's kids have no problem with him being gay. They didn't act any different toward me yesterday either. I was right. I am always right. Jim should worship me and worship whatever I say from now on!!!

"Tess jour weel powuh wee mee."

"Dear Confucius, why are you naked?"

"mee tess jour weel powuh."

"But you are like...more than a hundred years old!"

"Confucius no cang fook but Confucius helve a weewee."


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  1. Are you on a snack party with Confucius?
    I brought some cheese, can I join?