Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Father's Day

This Father's Day, we'll celebrate at my house instead of going to a restaurant. We used to celebrate a lot of things at home with home-cooked meals. But, lately, we've all been so busy that we often ended up at some restaurants.

As usual, my brothers' families, all three, will all come. In addition, my oldest sister's-in-law brother's family will also be there. I am not too fond of them. Because I like my oldest sister-in-law, I'll put up with them...grrr! My niece and her husband will also be there. And, hopefully not, my gossipy cousin will come. All of them, except my sister's-in-law brother and his family, my cousin, and my second oldest sister-in-law, know I'm gay. Well, I think my second oldest sister-in-law knows. I told my brother to tell her about it, but I don't know if he did. He probably did. The brother that's just a little older than me also has a wife. She's stupid, so I didn't want her to know. They are now hostilly separated because of her stupidity. So, she won't be there for sure.

Because of these people who don't know about my sexuality, I usually refrained from inviting Jim to these family functions. I had always been afraid that my gossipy, nosy cousin would report to her parents about my boyfriend, which would make my mom feel uncomfortable. She doesn't know that my uncle knows I'm gay. Five, six years ago, my mom was so anxious that my uncle would find out about my sexuality that she stressed herself out to the extreme. I had to convince her to tell him the truth to relieve the stress. The now banned, soon to be ex-sister-in-law was also a threat. She has a blabber mouth , and, coupled with her stupidity, I would be out to the whole world.

Now, I think my mom is much more comfortable and at ease with Jim. I know she would be comfortable if my cousin and the stranger family are not around. But, I pretty much know they will be here. So, should I invite Jim anyway?

Actually, I already invited him before I started this post. I have a feeling my mom will be ok. I will test the water. So, heck with the cousin. Heck with my sister's-in-law brother and his family. Heck with the sister-in-law who might not know I'm gay.

Of course, Jim will have to behave and not pat my butt, kiss my cheek, or...until they are gone. One step at a time!

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