Monday, June 20, 2011

Fish-Sauce Queen

Whew! Another extremely busy day...over, OVER!!!

Today, I had no break at all, from 8:30am to 6:30pm. I kept running in and out from one exam room to another. By around 2pm, I had to take about a couple of minutes to swallow five or six chicken nuggets because I was getting hypoglycemic. I couldn't even take a pee break. By the end of the day, I was, my bladder.

So, we decided to eat out instead. While my brother was going home to pick up my parents, my sisters and I tried to finish our paperwork of the day. We then decided to go to either the Thai restaurant or the Malaysia restaurant that we had gone to before. The food there are pretty decent. So, my sister called home to let my brother know the location. Immediately, my dad said he'd rather eat at home if we were going to have Asian food. What??? He wanted to have steaks!

What is it about steaks that he likes so much? Steaks are nice once in a while but not ALL the time! For most of the times we are out, which is often, he wants steaks...Lone Star, Long Horn, Texas Road House, or at least Chili or Applebee...steaks, steaks, steaks; baked potato, baked potato, baked potato! He does like the food when we took him elsewhere...Thai, Indian, etc. But if we asked, he'd choose steaks. If we don't ask, he's usually not happy.

THEREFORE, we had steaks tonight. I was hoping to have some Asian food, some rice, rice, rice. I want my rice!!! My boyfriend is a rice queen (he's gonna kill, so, I have to eat rice. Jim is not a meat-and-potato queen!!! Hmmm...this doesn't sound quite right...LOL! I don't just eat rice. I also eat fish sauce. If I eat fish sauce everyday, would that make Jim a fish-sauce queen? NO, NO, NO!!! (a lower case "maybe", maybe?)

I know...I know...I eat a lot of sweet stuff. So, Jim could be a sweet queen. I love my sweet queen, or fish-sauce queen, or rice queen. Whatever Jim chooses to be, I love him very much.


P.S. I'm gonna have to hide. He's gonna kill me...Remember: I love you!!!


  1. When I get back from my trip I'm going to have to have you drug tested.

    For the record, I like steaks with your dad.

  2. Jim,
    You are now officially demoted to Fish-Sauce Queen!

  3. You are such a queen T, I'll make you rice and more, I just love cooking but there's a problem. you don't want others but just your Jim, so wait and starve! or stop demoting the poor guy, he even wanted to take you to the Disney and let you add some Tzen there!