Monday, June 27, 2011


Another hard day at work!

I didn't have any time for lunch today. I didn't even have time to pee until the end of the day. I left the office at around 6:30pm and didn't get home until 7:30pm.

After dinner, I had to transplant a camelia bush. I have had enough experience to know that its roots were probably soaked with water. I replaced it with a hydrangea, which likes water. Hopefully, the camelia won't die. This one had really beautiful flowers.

I then watered the patio and balcony flowers and plants. Then, I cleaned the bird cages and fed the birds. I hated doing this while knowing there was a whole bunch of paperwork awaited me.

It is on these over-worked days that I feel it's a curse I put onto myself having these birds. I constantly have to change the cages, vacuum the floor, and feed them. GRRRRR.....

They look cute, but their poops are not at all cute. What am I going to do with them?

I have to consult with my Confucius.

"Dear Confucius, what am I to do with my canaries?"

"Teep fry tem, mee sjweet jild."

"No, no, dear Confucius. They are neither quails nor pigeons. They are very tiny to deep fry."

"Pig-chong Jy-leese jame jize cang-nah-ree A-mar-ree-cang!"

"How about a duck, instead?"

"Mee jild, mee berry ole, no fook, no cang fook!"


  1. Let someone else have them!
    It's too much trouble to keep a pet alive. I'm so grateful to K's allergy because it's the only reason to stop our little girl from wanting horrible animals. Replace your canaries with turtles, sexy and little and easy to get rid of their poop. they have lots of sex and make for the thing I lack right now (always riding one another!)
    and your Confucius is quite twisted, don't want to date him anymore!

    next time write about dick please (i read dick instead of duck)
    and concentrate on Thursday and your bf!
    have fun with your canary poop!

  2. My Confucius is hard of hearing.
    I said "duck".

  3. Ain't you a doctor? can't you help him?!

    And I can't see that word clearly, I'm hard of seeing!