Saturday, June 11, 2011

me not uptight

My sisters and I just came back home from a long day at work. I am exhausted. I called and talked to Jim for a few minutes before I went home. I miss him already.

He was just here last night. We curled up on the couch a little. It was an improvement on my part, I guess. It was the first time we did that while everyone was at home. Even though my family usually leaves us alone, except for my little nephew, I was afraid someone would walk in on us. It's not only the gay thing, but, in our culture, especially in my family, we keep affection of that nature private, regardless. In my opinion, there are things that should be private or rather are more special in private. I like it more that way. I think it's more romantic; it's something that only the two of us share. And then, when we do it non-privately, suspension can be excitement!

Then, of course, some would think that I'm just plain uptight. I don't think so, though. I'm a lot of time up, always tight, but never uptight! Forget I just said that...LOL.


  1. some people enjoy PDA, but when you do things in private, it IS romantic, so thanks for reminding. I miss good old days of being a shy guy!
    And always tight?!Really? that smile of Jim means something :-p

  2. What is PDA?
    Always tight means I don't use it...LOL!!!
    I'm not the typical Asian... :)
    All we do is Kiss... :), right Jim?
    Oh, I got it: public display of affection.

  3. But surely you use it, when you are UP! ;~))

  4. you got it right, that's what PDA stands for.
    But since Jim hasn't said a word, may I assume you do more than kissing, you even mentioned it in your previous post "Jim will have to behave and not pat my butt, kiss my cheek, or..."
    ... means more! ;)
    come on, confess!