Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Dream from Last Night

Jim went to Florida today. Right now, he's probably with his family at SeaWorld. Tomorrow, his ex-boyfriend will join him. I know he thinks I might be jealous.

Naah...I'm not jealous at all. Last night, in my dream, Confucius reassured me that good things will come to me out of Jim's trip. Mind you, I work with a lot of Hispanic people, so the Confucius in my dream was a mixture of Asian and Hispanic.

In my dream, I was climbing up a very high and steep mountainside on uneven stepping stones. I tripped and almost fell down. In my moment of fear, I slipped out, "F.!!!" Instantly, there was an echoic voice from above: "Mee jild, no FOOK...FOOk...FOok...Fook...fook.....(echoing)."

"Dear Confucius, Jim left me behind."

"Tose hu leeve boyfreng beehine jshall weeturn wid a nog op geef."

"But, Dear Confucius, Jim won't have time to think about gifts for me because he'll be with his ex-boyfriend."

"Bayjience, mee sjweet ungney jild; bayjience. No wurrie. Ichs-boyfreng ooglee!"

I, then, took Confucius' words to my heart and hurried down.

"Weemamber, no Fook, mee jild; no fook!"

I woke up...

I am in peace...aaaahhhh.


  1. rofl!
    I gotta meet this Confucius guy too!
    Gifts.... if he checks here, he will for sure. but he may bring you a shell necklace made by the ex!

  2. No! I have to have another dream with Confucius and ask him what to do with the shell necklace. :)

  3. Confucius just told me, "Fook, mee jild; Fook."

  4. I love your Confucius, is he single?! ;)