Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Asians Have Small Fingers

Today, I was exhausted. Mentally, I'm fine. But, physically, my body is giving out on me. I'm very resilient, but, boy...am I exhausted.

Jim came to visit me tonight. I was very happy to see him, though I didn't look that way. He had to wait for me to finish some of my paperwork. We didn't leave the office until around 8:30pm. Jim already had dinner, but he joined my parents, my sisters, and me at the dinner table at around 9:30pm.

He didn't understand what we were talking about, but, just to let him know, my dad was pushing for me to ask Jim to eat more, and my mom was worried that he would have to drive home late. That made me happy.

On another note, I had to do a couple of prostate exams today. I don't like doing it, but it goes with the job. So, I just do it like a routine. However, I do always make sure I use enough lubrication and do it slowly and gently so that I would minimize the pain.

So, one of the patients was an old Cuban man. He was reluctant to have his prostate checked. This was less resistant than most Hispanic men. He had a huge belly and was resistant in bending down, so it took me a little longer to examine his prostate. The poor guy kept on moaning: "Ah...AAhhh...AAAhhhhh!!!..."

Well, lucky for him Asian fingers are usually small!

"Hah...hah...hah....jsmall finkgurs!"

"Yes, small fingers, Dear Gay Confucius..."

"Ju Ajsian...ju jsmall...hah...hah...hah..."

"Yes, I have small FING...ERS!!! So do you!!!"

"Wang jsee mee finkgurs?"


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