Thursday, November 24, 2011

I am thankful

Usually, Thanksgiving is just a chance for me to take two days off of work. Though I have always been thankful for what I have, Thanksgiving is not part of my culture. However, this Thanksgiving season, I have truly had the Thanksgiving spirit. Over the past couple of weeks, amidst tons of work, I have accomplished several things that made me feel very good and thankful.

It started with the clothing drive my sisters and I did for our patients, most of whom are very poor. It was a success. We got a lot of donations, and witnessing the laughters and happiness of those receiving them was very wonderful. We were also able to get broccoli and cabbages for them, which we didn't have for the last few times.

I wrote a letter to the immigration judge for the father of a patient of mine who was to be deported. He is illegal here but is a very nice person and good father. He was granted to stay because of my letter. His two-year old son is now happy again.

I put up the Christmas tree with a village and train. Everyone at home seems to really enjoy them.

After a year looking, I was able to find one more Physician Assistant and hired her. Not many people want to work for my diversed indigent patients. I just gave the contract to another really nice Physician Assistant yesterday. I don't really need this extra one, but this is the only way I can take some vacation without having much worries. I want a better quality of life for me and my sisters. Equally important, I will have a chance to hopefully go on a little vacation with Jim.

And, Jim is going to have Thanksgiving dinner with me and my family. Who would have thought this would happen? My mom is usually antsy when/if Jim is with me when other people other than my parents and my sisters are around. She doesn't seem to care now. I am SO happy.

AND...Jim said he loves me and Gay Confucius, too!!!

I am very thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving, EveryOne.

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