Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ying and Yang

For every force, there's a negative force. For every Ying, there's a Yang. Life is funny that way. It's an equilibrium. No body can change that law of nature.

I have to remind myself of this every time life becomes hard. You can't appreciate happiness if you haven't experienced sadness.

So, I apply this rule of nature to my relationship with Jimmy Yang. I really think this is how our relationship has been strong. Sometimes when Jim is the Ying, I'm the Yang. When I'm the Ying, he's the Yang.

Here's what I think:

When Jim is the Ying, he should:

1. Blow the leaves in the garden, and I, being the Yang, would cheer him on;

2. Cook good dinner, and I, being the Yang, would eat to make him happy;

3. Prepare a bubble bath, and I, being the Yang, would sit in it.....

When I am the Ying, I would:

1. Buy Jim a leaf blower, and Jim, being the Yang, should blow the leaves;

2. Buy the groceries, and Jim, being the Yang, should prepare dinner;

3. Allow Jim to make a bubble bath, and Jim, being the Yang, should be happy to make it for me.....

" Ju nog Jing eng Jang! Tu pee-neez...Ich Jing eng Jing!!!"

"Dear Gay Confucius, we are Ying and Yang, too. Two straight penises are Ying and Ying. But, we have two gay penises. A gay penis is a Ying and Yang penis by itself!"


  1. Good morning, T!

    When you visit & make love tomorrow, will you be Yang & he, Ying? Will the fires of heaven warm his rhymes with soul? :)

  2. T,

    ...Your sense of humor is delicious & soigné!

    ...Your blog is quite châtié...a daily (at least!) pleasure!

    ...Consider me, please, amongst your most devoted fans.

    ...A Fuchsia tie will go well at the wedding!

    ...I might need to try to get on your new-patients list.

    ...Enjoy your day!

    Bill :)


  3. Thank you, Bill...:)
    My mom still thinks I'm crazy. So does Jim...:)

  4. A fuchsia tie to wedding worn is Oh

    Lord yes the very thing to make all males

    Of credos all a woody wide to show,

    A handy meme to flash if all else fails!

    Go for it, T!...:)