Monday, November 28, 2011


What's with today?

I started out with an old, senile patient who blamed everyone for every little thing that happened to his life. Fart!

Then, I had a whole bunch of little kids who farted here, farted there, farted all over the place while I examined them.

Then, when I finally got home, very late, very exhausted, I thought I would relax a little by reading the blogs. Wow, a whole bunch of more farts hit my face. Several old farts decided to become psychologists and advised Jim to break up with me.

Granted people are entitled to their opinions, however, when you advise someone to break up with the person he loves who loves him a lot, the least decency and respect you should have is to gather the facts before you fart up your mouth. Then, your opinions would be respected.

Like I have said many times, Jim deserves to have a partner who can totally devote to him. Everyone deserves that. It's perfectly OK for someone to suggest Jim to leave me to find someone else who could give Jim what he wants. Afterall, Jim didn't come out to be lonely.
However, don't shoot off with things that you do not know for sure if they are true.

It's foolish. A senile person who farts off his mouth is understandable. Little kids who can't control their farts are understandable. People who give advice, especially for someone to break up with the person who loves him, with false assumptions sound worse than farts.

God damn, I hate the word "fart", and I am forced to say it so many times in just one fart posting.

Fart it!!!

Fart, fart, fart!!!


  1. Everyone has opinions T, we may not always like their opinions, but it is only human nature. I am not conventional at all. I believe that you and Jim have agood foundation to your relationship. Don't let peoples opinions get to you.

    Is it hard living a lone. Yes, it is. But does everyone have to move in together, and live together to be happy. No. I am not good with remembering those everyday sayingd, but isn't there a saying that says distance makes the heart grow fonder?

    Anyways, I am sorry for negative comments. I for one am rooting for your relationship with Jim. I don;t think living together right or not is any reason to break up. You two will work things out when the time is right.

    My counselor said one side of the coin you have control (living together right now), the other side of the coin is confidence (knowing you will someday). For me I am working on my confidence side. I am gald to see you and Jim have the confidence I do not.


  2. T... I think you are very sensible! Go ahead and vent! fart fart fart!

    What makes it more ironic and ridiculous is that one of the people who was giving advice (and does so on many different married-gay-guy blogs) has a living situation with his wife which is the most fucked-up thing ever.

  3. T - I apologize for offending you. That was not my intent. Nor was I suggesting that Jim should leave you. Rather, I was encouraging you to give him some reassurance sooner rather than later. Why? Because loneliness feeds on itself and I fear for Jim's feelings in the future. Expressing my fear in that regard is completely different than saying that I think he should leave you. I believe you misread what I said and I apologize for not being more clear. My fault. Feel free to fart in my direction any time.

  4. Oh my goodness. Are you sure you mean to say "fart"? I can think of another "f" word. H-m-m-m. But that wouldn't fit the old guy or the kids. Nevermind. Stick with fart.

    Anyway, I must have missed some comments. Time for a re-read.

    I love reading about your love for each other. I sure hope you can get together sometime.

    And, for the record, TwoLives, I don't know what you said here . . . but don't beat yourself up too much. I know you are a very supportive and thoughtful blogger friend to many.

    I wish peace and contentment to everyone (and I'm not even a hippy!).