Sunday, November 13, 2011


Almost four years ago, Jim sent me a note with his profile picture. The things that drew me to him were his eyes. They looked very kind, as simple as that. He was not as thin as I was. He didn't have as much hair as I did, but his eyes were kind. He was attractive. He attracted me.

After about 2 email exchanges, Jim drove down to see me. We met at a local restaurant. I was so nervous when I sat across the tiny table from him. I was nervous because I really liked him. He was nervous, too. That made him so handsome. After dinner, we sat in Jim's car to hide away from the rain. He asked if he could give me a kiss.

From that day on, I have loved Jim very much.

I came into the hardest part of Jim's life.

But I have always loved him. I love him because he is a very devoted father. He cooks for them. He takes care of their every little need. I love him because he cares about his wife's feelings and well-being.

I love Jim because he has shown me a lot of love. I am so proud of him. I hope he knows that. Tonight, Jim was very frustrated from the hardships he's been facing lately. That makes me feel like crying now. And I don't just cry about any thing. If I were by myself, I would ask Jim to live with me in a minute. But, I have my difficulties. That makes me very sad.

I can't think of a way to make Jim smile with tonight's posting.

I hope he will smile tomorrow when he reads this...just because I love him.


  1. This is really sweet. Gushing but sweet.

    It's cool that you see it as a good thing that he takes care of his children and considers his Wife's feelings.

    Lesser men would hold resentment for having to deal with the a similar situation.

    It's cool.

  2. I would not be in love with a lesser man.

  3. Very heartfelt. I hope you both have a long time together. I just stumbled on this blog and will have to now follow it.

  4. Just curious about why you got involved with a married guy. It turned out well in the end, but you didn't know what was going to happen when it started. You could have been the "mistress" for a long time had he not left the marriage. So many gay guys will not get involved with a married gay. You seem to know what you want....I'm just wondering why you did?

  5. You're such a dear & fine man, T.!

    I love how you've become so open & expressive about your feelings. That's way hot, too!

    Thank you!