Saturday, November 12, 2011

Can snoring be interesting?

LOL...I was googling for photos of male dominatrix, and the photos that came up were NASTY!!!...:))) Anyways, as promised, I was going to see Jim after work today to whip him up for not listening to what I had told him to do, which is every thing. He should know by now that I am always right!

Before I could whip him, he played a trick on me. While I took a shower, all by myself, he hid my clothes. I had to cover myself with a tiny towel and run around his house looking for my clothes while he just sat in his sofa giggling. How mean!

He made me do it before he would give me my clothes back. So, I had to do it. He forced me.

I was tired, so I didn't want to eat out tonight. Jim's fault. So, we went to a local store to get food to bring home. I wanted French bread and salami. I love bread, a lot. A lot of time, I would go to a restaurant just because of their bread. Jim wanted the lobster bisque. We also got some cheeze, some frozen stuff. I got a yogurt because I eat healthy. Jim demanded a tiramitsu. He pouted until we got it.

Dinner was very nice. I really liked it. I loved sitting at home having dinner with Jim. No one was there but us.

Afterward, we snuggled while watching Sweet Genius, Jim's favorite. After a while, Jim dozed off in his steady, rhythmic snores.

It was time for me to leave.

I miss him already. I even miss his snores. I never snore, so sometimes I find snoring somewhat interesting.


  1. Way to go, T! How cool it is that you're into this spanking thingy! #thunderousandextendedapplause
    Oh, to have been a fly on the wall!

    ...dominatrix oops! dom prefers to top Yang T

    ...sub prefers to bottom Yin Jim

  2. :) Sorry, we're not into the spanking thing... :)

  3. Please accept my apologies, kind sirs. I meant no offense by the "spanking" comment. :)

  4. It's interesting how you two gave slightly different versions of the evening.

    But of course T's is correct since he perfect! LOL.