Saturday, November 19, 2011

One more step

Tonight, I invited Jim to dinner with my whole staff and some family and friends. I take my staff out to dinner once in a while. But Thanksgiving dinner is a tradition that my clinic has adopted. I have always been cautious about my sexuality at work. But, tonight, I took a leap of faith by inviting Jim. I know I didn't make it so obvious. I didn't make it known that Jim was more than a friend to me. But, that, nevertheless, was a big step for me. And, I'm glad I did it. This Thanksgiving, Jim will again join me and my family for dinner. I'd love that.

Jim took me home from dinner tonight, and we sat in front of the Christmas tree for a while. It was very warm. It was full of love, to me.

P.S. I just know that one day Jim will be hanging lights on the roof of my house. In return, I'll hang my balls on his "Christmas tree."


  1. He has 3 brothers. All straight, I'm afraid.

  2. My brothers are all ugly! So are my sisters. Sometimes, I wonder why I am so good-looking and they are not... LOL.