Thursday, November 3, 2011

Neanderthals were Openly Homo Sexuals. Humans were Gay Sapiens.

While talking to Jim tonight, I had my TV on the Food Network channel. And the program was called Sweet Genius. I thought by watching this it was pretty gay already. But, oh my God, the guy hosting it was SO GAY! Every little gesture he made was like that of a charm-schooled girl! Then, it dawned on me that gay people are everywhere. Then, I wondered when the first gay Homo Sapiens existed.

Should we just say Gay Sapiens? Anyways, there had to be at least one gay Homo Sapiens back when the Neanderthals were still celebrating life. Then, I wondered why the Neanderthals became extinct.

Then, it dawned on me that most of these Neanderthals must have been gay! Not just gay but openly gay! Maybe all they had were mainly gays and lesbians, and just some bi-sexuals, and a couple of bi-curious'. So, in their little community, the gays would pair up; the lesbians would pair up; the bi-curious would pair up with the same sex because they were curious...sometimes curious for years; and the bi-sexuals would be the only ones that produced a couple of offsprings then off they went to the same sex. So, they pretty much enjoyed the same sex life-style (and I don't blame them). And pretty soon, there were so few of them left. And, unlucky for them, those few not-totally-gay Neanderthals were mainly of the same sex. They were so lonely, so they had sex with each other anyway. So, pretty more Neanderthals!

Homo Sapiens were much smarter! They invented the club. The males used the clubs to knock other males out and had their ways with them. Then, they returned to their caves and forcefully produced. And that is how we still remain until today.

Now that a lot of us are "out", some are afraid that eventually we would cease to exist. But, don't worry! We have discovered the in-vitro technique. Now, it just dawned on me that this technique must have been discovered by gay people! Yes. Has to be.


Jim thinks I'm crazy... :)))


  1. Has Gay Confucius taken over your mind? :-)

  2. OMG! This is the funniest thing I have read all week. Thank you so much for the laughter!

  3. Gay Confucius has been running after me trying to prove that his finger is not small...:)

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  5. I Don't know how you came to this conclusion-but it's the ancient Story.